Happy Birthday, ‘Merica

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Everything is Awesome at Legoland

Instead of throwing Little Man a big party, we took a two day trip to Legoland San Diego. We stayed at the Legoland Hotel and we cannot recommend the experience enough. The staff was super friendly at both the hotel and the park. Although it’s a much longer drive for us than Disneyland, the experience was much less…stressful. The kids loved the smaller crowds and shorter lines. Legoland has really thought ahead to accommodate its young guests–from Lego building stations throughout the park to a pirate ship in the hotel lobby. And when the day became too hot, we just headed over the the water park area and relaxed the afternoon away.

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4th of July Wreath DIY


Growing up, the Fourth of July was always one of my least favorite holidays. All of the screaming and loud noises left me feeling anxious. Over the past few years, this has changed and the Fourth continues to climb up my list of favorite holidays. Perhaps it’s from having kids or the fact that in our new neighborhood, insane people aren’t lighting off fireworks that fall on our roof. Either way, I’m learning to enjoy the Fourth of July.

I decided to replace our spring/summer wreaths with ones that were more patriotic. This DIY was simple and quick. I bought a bunch of red, white, and blue fake flowers from Michaels, along with two grapevine wreaths, wire cutters, and floral wire.


First, I cut and organized the flowers into piles. The wire cutters didn’t really work very well for me, so after cutting through the initial green plastic stem, I had to bend the wires back and forth until they snapped.



I started with the large succulent as the anchor piece and worked from from there. I ended up not using the floral wire. Instead, I just jammed in the flowers, rearranging as I went. I also I thought I would glue them in place using a hot glue gun; however, this step seemed unnecessary.

16June_27_wreath_DIY_007 16June_27_wreath_DIY_009 16June_27_wreath_DIY_010

That’s about all there was to it. I stuck in American flag, rearranged it about 20 times, and called it done. Charlie helped the hubs hang them for me, because you know, dogs are ever so helpful with such things.

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Memorial Day at the Park

One of my summer goals is to stretch myself creatively. Although I’m still, ever so slowly, trying to improve my photography skills, I’ve decided to learn to use my DSLR to make videos. This is my first, albeit rough, attempt at using my DSLR and iMovie to make a film. But everybody starts somewhere, right?

We spent our Memorial Day Monday together at the park. Nothing ‘special,’ but we had a blast just being ‘us.’ The kids have watched on repeat for hours.

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/168868904″>Memorial Day at the Park</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user52801008″>Julie Balcom</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>